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sportpanel technotip

TechnoTip™ - the advanced safety feature designed to protect your players


The TechnoTip Deployment Phase - (to the left) in the upright position (in the middle) at 90-degree - process of deployment (to the right) fully deployed.

movie video clip Click here to view TechnoTip in action!

SportPanel incorporates an optional patented safety feature which is called TechnoTip - It is a folding elbow joint system that allows the fence panel to fold down flat upon impact. If a player runs into the fence while trying to catch a fly ball, they will not injure themselves by colliding into a rigid fence panel. Once TechnoTip is deployed the SportPanel fence collapses completely flat. To resume playing, simply return the panel to the upright position and lock the feet back into place.

How the system works
Each SportPanel with TechnoTip outfield fence comes equipped with two specially designed elbow joints that are attached to the panel's support feet. These joints allow the fence panel frame to bend and fold flat to the ground upon impact, preventing fielders from being injured when running into a rigid fence.

Close-up picture of the folding elbow joint
To see how TechnoTip works, click here

Insert a plastic pin into the base of the SportPanel to turn TechnoTip "off"

Turn TechnoTip "on" or "off" to suit your needs
Unlike any other fence system, TechnoTip can be turned "on" or "off" by simply inserting a small peg into a hole at the base of each leg. Turn TechnoTip "on" when players are using the outfield; turn TechnoTip "off" during high-wind conditions, when the outfield is not in use for long periods of time, or for times when you are using the SportPanel as a special event perimeter or crowd control fence panel. When ordering SportPanel be sure to specify the option with TechnoTip included.