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Options and Accessories for SportPanel Outfield Fencing  

TechoTip falls flat to the ground upon player impact


TechnoTip™ - Safety feature to protect your athletes
SportPanel incorporates an optional patented safety feature called TechnoTip - a folding elbow joint system that allows the fence panel to fold down flat upon impact. So, if a player runs into the fence while trying to catch a fly ball, they will not injure themselves by colliding into a rigid fence panel. Once the sport fence panel is deployed, simply return the panel to the upright position and lock the feet back into place and keep playing!

Unlike any other fence system, TechnoTip can be turned "on" or "off" by simply inserting a small peg into a hole at the base of each leg. Turn TechnoTip "on" when players are using the outfield; turn TechnoTip "off" during high-wind conditions or when the outfield is not in use for long periods of time. When ordering SportPanel be sure to specify if you would like TechnoTip.


Yellow SafeRail™ - Add a bright yellow top rail for extra visibility
Provide your athletes with an extra level of safety by adding the bright yellow SafeRail to the top of each fence panel. SafeRail is an extruded yellow cap section that is installed over the top rail of SportPanel. The bright yellow SafeRail is a visual reminder to players approaching the outfield fence. SafeRail will also give spectactors added visibility from the stands.

Black mesh outfield fence panels - An essential batter's aid
SportPanel is also available with black mesh instead of white. Position black mesh sport fence panels in straight centerfield (we recommend using 4-6 black panels) to greatly enhance "Batter's Eye".

Yellow SafeRail (above) and the black mesh panel (below) is an essential Batter's Eye

Foul Poles - Standalone 10 ft outfield foul line markers
Complete your outfield with the optional 10-foot foul poles. Made of the same durable PVC frame and mesh as the SportPanel outfield fence. The foul poles are designed to sit behind the SportPanel fence. Foul poles will add a visible 44 inch-wide foul-line marker that adds excitement and a professional-look to every game.


Transport and store SportPanel fence panels efficiently. Two carts store an entire field.

Optional accessories for the Transport Cart. Use the Hitch (far left) to connect two carts or to connect the cart to your towing vehicle. Add on the convenient Storage Tray to store the wickets and connectors

Foul Poles add a visible foul marker.

SportPanel Outfield Fencing Transport & Storage Cart
The most convenient way to transport and store your portable outfield fencing panels. This optional cart serves a dual purpose: quick and efficient transportation and storage. When you're ready to setup the fencing, simply roll it out onto the field. The SportPanel cart can be connected to nearly any vehicle (tractor, mower or ATV) with a hitch. The transport and storage cart will cut your labor costs dramatically and speed installation time. Each cart carries 20 panels either upright or laying flat. Features heavy-gauge SQ galvanized steel tubing frame and 10" pneumatic turf tires for effortless mobility. The uprights are removable which allows for easy loading and unloading and also allows the cart to lay flat against the wall empty to minimize storage space.