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How do I figure out how many panels I will need for my athletic field?

You will need to know the distance from home plate to center, right and left field to accurately calculate how many panels you will need.

If the field is symmetric (i.e. distance to center, left and right field are equal) then refer to the chart (Click here to view "Calculate size of your field").Most softball and little league fields are symmetric.

If your field is asymmetric (i.e., centerfield is deeper than right field and left field, then you will need to pace-off the distance to accurately measure each section.) and draw a simple diagram. (To get a quick estimate for pricing considerations, you can take the average of the distance to centerfield with the distance of either right field or left field and multiply by 1.6 to get a good estimate. For example: distance to centerfield is 280 ft, distance to left field is 260 ft. The average distance would be 280+260=270 x 1.6 = 432 ft. Each panel is 10.5 feet, so you would need 41 panels to complete your field).

Do I have to take panels down after every game?

No, but it's up to you. Some people take panels down after every game. Some people leave panels up the entire season.

Can I use SportPanel for anything else?

Yes, you can use this portable temporary fencing for crowd control or perimeter fencing, at fairs, exhibits, concerts or special events. SportPanel can also be used indoors.

Can I get SportPanel in my team or school colors?

Yes. You can get the interior mesh in different colors. Please call us to inquire about cost and availability. Allow 3-4 weeks for special order delivery.

How many panels will the SportPanel transport cart hold?

20 panels

How long does it take to receive my order?

Allow at least two weeks for your order to arrive. Plan ahead - order early to avoid our busy season (early March - early May).

Can I get my order expedited?

Yes, if you need your fencing in less than two weeks, please call. In most instances we can accommodate your shortened delivery time. There will be an extra shipping charge for expedited delivery.

How does the fencing ship to my destination?

SportPanel is shipped flat on pallets (20-25 fence panels per pallet, weighing 500 lbs per pallet), pre-assembled. You will need to unload the pallets with a forklift or a pallet jack. It is important that your facility has a dock to unload or you will need to schedule a truck with a lift-gate.

Will the truck driver help me unload?

You can arrange to get the driver to help you unload for an extra charge. It is not a part of the normal shipping fee - so you must call us to arrange for driver assistance. See the question above to ensure that your facility can accommodate the delivery of SportPanel.

What if my SportPanel arrives damaged?

Please make sure you note the damage on the bill of lading and contact us immediately. (Click here for "Policies and Procedures.")


Calculate the number of panels needed for a field:
Distance to Fence
(From Home Plate)
Length of Outfield Fence Number of SportPanel
200 320 32
210 336 34
220 352 35
230 368 37
240 384 38
250 400 40
260 416 42
270 432 43
280 448 45
290 464 46
300 480 48
310 496 50
320 512 51
330 528 53
Note: In order to calculate any outfield (including arc), simply multiply the distance to the fence by 1.6 to obtain the total length of the outfield fence.