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Little Beaver is designed to do more than just drill vertical holes.We manufacture a number of kits, accessories and adaptors that turn your Little Beaver into a horizontal boring machine, foundation repair tool, or anchor driver. You can use your Little Beaver to drill holes in wood or concrete. And by using special adaptors, you can even use your current brand of earth drill or auger in conjunction with Little Beaver's earth drills and augers. beaver accessories
horizontal boring

Little Beaver makes two types of horizontal boring kits
that turn your Little Beaver earth drill into a powerful and
cost effective horizontal boring machine.

Sidewalk Auger Kit

1. 3" x 5' sidewalk auger
2. 2"x 5' wiggle joint extension
3. Horizontal drill key

Drill Bit Size: 3"

The Sidewalk Auger Kit uses a 3" diameter auger and wiggle joint extension to quickly bore under sidewalks up to 5' long. Since the torque tube is not used with this kit, a horizontal drill key is included to bypass the engine kill switch.

Water Drilling Kit

4. Water drill bit (2", 3" or 4")
5. Water swivel assembly
6. Water swivel adaptor
7. Horizontal drill key

Drill Bit Sizes: 2" 3" 4"

The Water Drilling Kit is used for horizontal boring under driveways or parking lots up to a distance of 50'. The water drilling kit consists of a water drill bit, swivel adaptor, swivel assembly, and a horizontal drill key. To complete the kit, you will need a garden hose, 3/4" Schedule 80 water pipe, and 3/4" pipe collars. Once the kit has been assembled and starter trenches have been dug, boring can begin.Water from your garden hose or pump runs through the water swivel, water pipe and out the end of the drill bit, flushing the cuttings from the bore hole

 Drill Chuck Attachment


Convert any Little Beaver earth drill into a powerful wood or concrete drill with an efficient drill chuck attachment. The 3/4" capacity chuck accommodates standard wood or masonry bits up to 1.5" in diameter and drills clean holes in fence posts, wooden decking, concrete and masonry