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Points and Blades


Standard Points and Blades

All standard snap-on Little Beaver augers are equipped with hardened, replaceable points and side mounted cutting blades. These components do the actual cutting as the auger rotates, protecting the auger which guards against excessive wear. To insure maximum digging efficiency and auger life, the point and blade should be replaced when they become dull.

Small diameter augers (1.5", 2", 3") feature screw-on points only. All other points and blades are bolt-on. Only two bolt-on point sizes are required: one for 4" to 12" diameter augers, and the other for 14" and 16" diameter augers. The side-mounted cutting blade is available in the corresponding auger diameter size, from 4" to 16".

Standard Blade Sizes:      4"     5"     6"     7"     8"     10"     12"     14"     16"
Standard Point Sizes: <--- one size for 4"-12" ---> <-- one size for 14"-16" -->
Screw-on Point Sizes:     1.5"     2"     3"

$50.00 Minimum Order on all Points and Blades
Replacement Points and Blades for Standard Snap-On Augers

Part No:

Price: Buy Now :
4" & 5" Blade 9023-4 Call For Pricing
6" & 7" Blade 9023-6 Call For Pricing
8" Blade 9023-8 Call For Pricing
9" Blade 9023-9 Call For Pricing
10" Blade 9023-10 Call For Pricing
12" Blade 9023-12 Call For Pricing
14" Blade 9023-14 Call For Pricing
16" Blade 9023-16 Call For Pricing
1.5" Screw-on Point 9027-S1.5 Call For Pricing
2" Screw-on Point 9027-S2 Call For Pricing
3" Screw-on Point 9027-S3 Call For Pricing
4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 12" Point 9027 Call For Pricing
14" x 16" Point 9027-16 Call For Pricing
Carbide Blades

When drilling in hard clay, frozen ground, or hard pan soils, carbide blades are recommended. By cutting the clay or ground into small pieces rather than digging into these materials, you willl realize faster hole drilling.

These blades mount to the bottom of standard augers, replacing both the standard point and side cutting blade. Grade 5 mounting bolts and locknuts are included with the 4" to 14" carbide blades.

Note: 1-1/2", 2", and 3" Carbide Blades are Screw-on and fit only on the Standard Snap-on Augers. The 4" through 14" carbide blades include mounting bolts and lock nuts.

Carbide Replacement Points and Blades for Standard Snap-On Augers
Description: Part No: Price: Buy Now :
1.5" Carbide Blade 9023-C1.5 Call For Pricing
2" Carbide Blade 9023-C2 Call For Pricing
3" Carbide Blade 9023-C3 Call For Pricing
4" Carbide Blade 9023-C4 Call For Pricing
5" Carbide Blade 9023-C5 Call For Pricing
6" Carbide Blade 9023-C6 Call For Pricing
7" Carbide Blade 9023-C7 Call For Pricing
8" Carbide Blade 9023-C8 Call For Pricing
9" Carbide Blade 9023-C9 Call For Pricing
10" Carbide Blade 9023-C10 Call For Pricing
12" Carbide Blade 9023-C12 Call For Pricing
14" Carbide Blade 9023-C14 Call For Pricing
Replacement Points and Blades for Pengo
Part Number Item Application Special Instructions Price Buy Now
9027-P Standard Point Ordinary digging No Special Instructions
Call For Pricing
9023-P35 Standard Dirt Blade Ordinary digging All pockets Call For Pricing
9023-P35CT Carbide Tip Blade Hard pan, frozen soils All pockets Call For Pricing
9023-PR Rubber Lock Secure blades to auger No Special Instructions
Call For Pricing