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LiteLink Privacy Slats


Description: Our LiteLink™ slat is one of the most economical chain-link enhancement products available in the market today. Manufactured using the same durable outdoor plastic as our standard tubular fence slats, this single wall "M" shape slat will give you the visual screening and color enhancement you desire at a very affordable price. LiteLink also uses our patented Bottom-Locking system for fast and easy installation.

Design:  Compact and lightweight, LiteLink's unique shape enables the slat to self stack. A package the size of 2" x 4" contains enough material to cover approximately (10) ten linear feet, making it easy to ship and efficient to store.

Slast Length:   3 1/2" shorter than overall height of fence.

Wind Load and Privacy Factor: Approximately 75%


LiteLink Privacy Slats
Height Part No: (One bag covers 10 linear feet)
3' High LLPS3 Call for Pricing
4' High LLPS4 Call for Pricing
5' High LLPS5 Call for Pricing
6' High LLPS6 Call for Pricing

For orders of 5 bags or less, an additional $20 handling fee will be applied.
*Please call for a shipping quote on slats 7' or higher*
Orders over 8 bags call for better shipping quote 1.800.878.7829