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Privacy Slats for Aluminum, Steel, and Wrought Iron Fence

aluminum fence privacy slats before and after

Aluminum fences are so beautiful, yet in some applications privacy is a must. Until now no viable solution was available. Aluminum fence slats are designed for 100% privacy for all types of picket sizing. Aluminum Fence Privacy slats transform your aluminum fence into a privacy fence. This is the most economical way to turn your aluminum fence into privacy fence without using any screws. Aluminum fence privacy slats can be used for residential aluminum fence, commercial aluminum fence and even industrial aluminum fence.

What's really unique about our panels is that they are able to turn 90°. This is particularly great if you have a scenic view beyond your fence that you would like to see from time to time, or if you'd like to redirect a breeze. The panels are made of PVC plastic with U.V. and embrittlement resistors similar to siding for houses.

  1. Easy to install, no special tools are needed
  3. Our slats turn 90°
  4. Fast installation
  5. Available in Black Only
  6. Low maintenance, easy to clean
  7. Light weight material can be shipped inexpensively
  8. Fence slats install securely
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Get more information on the specific size you need. Choose the picket size of your fence to learn more or to purchase privacy slats for your steel, aluminum, or wrought iron fence.

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Install your slats in a snap! Click the button to download our installation instructions.

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privacy slat

The unique design of our fence slats makes it easy to install them. You will be able to do it yourself!

privacy picket panels

Our aluminum, steel, and wrought iron fence privacy slats come in a range of sizes to snap onto your fence's pickets. The snapping action won't harm your fence's finish.

Rotating Fence Privacy Slats

Have a scenic view behind your fence? These fence panels can turn 90°, allowing you to see beyond your fence, or to redirect a breeze.

Privacy Picket Panel Measurements

Privacy Slat Measurements