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Automatic Gate Operator System consists of:
  • One Operator
  • One Time Delay
  • Two Loops
  • Two Vehicle Detectors
  • One Card Reader or Digital Keypad
  • One Three Button Switch
  • (Keyswitch or radio control may be substituted or added)
  • Photoelectric Control or Electric Gate Edge (not shown)

Swing Gate Operator System 640-008 For Models CRS, SWG, MSG-A GSWG,a nd MSW

The three-button station located inside the building permits opening and closing the gate by push button for additional flexibility of operation.
Automatic Gate Opener System Sequence:

The vehicle approaches the entrance and driver places the coded card into card reader or punches digital keypad. This creates an impulse which actuates the automatic gate operator and opens the gate.

As the vehicle goes through the opening, it passes over the "outer loop" and "inner loop," creating an impulse to hold the gate open. When the loops have been cleared, the timer, after a pre-set period, sends an impulse to the automatic gate operator to "close" the gate.

If the gate is closing as the vehicle reaches the loop area, the gate reverses to the open position and the timer automatically resets.

From inside the fence line, the vehicle approaches the exit and passes over the inner loop. This transmits an impulse to actuate the gate operator and open the gate. As the vehicle passes over the inner and outer loops, an impulse is transmitted to hold the gate in an open position. When the vehicle clears both loops, the timer, after a preset period, sends an impulse to the automatic gate operator to "close" the gate.

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