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DEACERO S.A, DE C.U. warranties against manufacture defect, the quality of galvanized and powder coating, as well as products and components of DESIGNMASTER FENCE, This warranty is granted when the project installation is exclusively realized with DESEGNMASTER FENCE products. The powder coating finish is warranted against defects by blistering and/or loosening.

This warranty does not cover problems that are caused from exposition to chemical products, marine erosion, or when the panels, posts, steel brackets or official fencing systems accessories are submerged totally or partially. Also are excluded the resulting damages from accidents, improper installation or vandalism.

The structural resistance of DESIGNMASTER FENCE is designed for normal use. The excessive loads caused by accumulations of snow, hail, ice, trees or some other material causing a damage to the panels or any of the DESIGNMASTER FENCE components will not be taken like defect of the material or manufacture with aims to do valid this warranty.
This warranty extends by ten years for projects that are 1,700 feet or more from the sea and five years for those that are less than 1,700 feet from the sea, since the date of purchase and it covers the regular fencing system components, panel, posts, steel brackets installed in normal conditions.

This product warranty is degressive with following progress:

10 year guarantee
> 1,700 ft from the sea
1-2 years: 100%
3-4 years: 90%
5-6 years: 80%
7-8 years: 60%
9-10 years: 50%

5 year guarantee
< 1,700 ft from the sea
1-2 years: 100%
3 years: 80%
4 years: 60%
5 years: 50%

The costs that are generated for the retirement of defective product and the installation of their replacement are not within the reach of this warranty.

Prompt notification shall be given: to DEACERO. SA. DE through its authorized dealers or contractors of any defective product. DEACERO will investigate your claim within sixty days of receipt and take appropriate action. If an on-site inspection is requested by you or is required to determine the validity of the claim, DEACERO may change charge an inspection fee. If it is determined that the product is detective, the inspection fee will be reimbursed.

This warranty does not cover any consequential loss or damage howsoever arising and is strictly limited to the value of product supplied excluding freight, removal and installation charges. (Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you).

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State.

The present warranty only extends to initial buyer and is not transferable.