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Forte is the perfect fencing solution that combines high strength horizontal and vertical wires with very close panel openings in order to create a high security perimeter fence that will stop and delay intruders better than any iron works fence. Forte Max Security Fencing is also perfect for prisons.


Forte ornamental fencing offers many features and benefits.

Strong and Resistant: Forte is a high security fencing solution thanks to its close panel openings, panel wire strength and sturdy structure. Post and installation complements give the panel the resistance needed for a long secure and long standing fence.

Blends Beautifully: Forte is great for just about any project whether it be commercial, industrial or a building complex.

Easy Installation: Forte fencing systems are engineered with the right components to facilitate the install job while keeping strength and security top priorities.

Green: All of Designmaster fence products are made out of recyclable steel and made with the environment in mind. All products apply for LEED credits.

Durable and Aesthetic: Forte combines the needs of a high security fence with aesthetics that no other fencing solutions can offer.

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Forte Max Security Kits are a unique type of Forte that includes
everything needed to meet prison spec - Forte Max Security Kits.

Panel (With V-Brace)
Weight (Lbs)
76"H x 98.4"W 86.3
96"H x 98.4"W 108.0


Panel (Flat)
Weight (Lbs)
79"H x 98.4"W 86.3
98"H x 98.4"W 108.0


Weight (Lbs)
106"H 30.7
126"H 36.3

(Posts are only available for in-ground installation. Base mounts are not offered for this product.)


Brackets Required
Post for Panel with V Brace 76" H 5
Post for Panel with V Brace 96" H 6
Post for Panel, Flat - 79" H 5
Post for Panel, Flat - 98" H 6


Weight (Lbs)
Brackets, 50 per box 11.3


Check out a sample of green Designmaster Forte fence!

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