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Roll-A-Fence PolyBarrier


Rolled Fencing and SurePosts

We carry the best rolled fencing and SurePosts from Signature Fencing.

Signature Fencing's PolyBarrier™ is durable, weather resistant, chemical resistant and contains UV inhibitors to increase product life. Available in an attractive green for a visually pleasing look, or standard orange for any safety application.

Roll-a-Fence is a high quality knitted Polyethylene mesh that is perfect for outfield fencing, outdoor special events, races, and tournaments. Each 150ft long x 48” high roll can be fastened to your own post or to SurePosts.

SurePosts are perfect for mounting PolyBarrier and are a great low-cost hazard marker. The secret to the SurePost is its unique rope and fence attachment cap and sleeves, which accommodate both standard braided rope and a variety of plastic and woven fencing materials. Moveable post sleeves can be adjusted.