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Why Use Vinyl Fence?

Decades ago, most Americans dreamed of buying a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence. In those days, fences would have been made out of treated wood or ironwork. Unfortunately, iron rusts and wood rots. Wood is being replaced by synthetic fencing because it is less expensive, more durable, and better for the environment. Vinyl fencing from manufacturers like Bufftech is safer around children, practically maintenance free, easy to install, looks great on both sides, and compliments the vinyl siding found on many modern buildings.

Vinyl fence panels come in a variety of styles and can be adapted to meet the grade of most sloped properties. These vinyl fences come in styles ranging from classical or traditional to privacy or post and rail. Bufftech even offers a few choices for colors and textures, like white, tan, clay, or sierra blend, and smooth, stucco, or wood grain. Most styles come in 8 foot sections, though 6 foot sections may be available, as well. Bufftech’s vinyl fencing materials are treated to resist fading and UV damage from the sun. Bufftech also manufactures standard vinyl gates as well as custom kits to make your own custom sized gate. The company even produces various types of post caps and fence accents to add a stylish aesthetic to your property. All Bufftech vinyl fence supplies are backed by a limited lifetime warranty through the manufacturer and specially designed to resist the elements. 

Vinyl fencing isn’t just privacy fences and accents, though. PVC fencing can also be used for livestock and horses. The material is durable and great for temporary and permanent applications. For an affordable, durable fencing option, consider installing a vinyl fence today.