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e*ACCESS3 Easy to learn and easy to install, without compromising quality or sacrificing critical features these convenient e*ACCESS kits contain everything you need for a complete two-door, expandable system for an all-time low price of $717.07. SecuraKey’s feature-filled SK-NET™ software, along with the SK-ACP advanced control panel make this a state-of-the-art package.

- Panel Stores 65,000 Cards and 4800 Events
- Two Wiegand Reader Inputs per panel
- Two Programmable Inputs and Outputs per Reader
- 15 Programmable Time Zones with Graphic Interface
- Software Controls up to 200 Doors per location
- Real and Timed Antipassback
- Transaction, User and Reader Reports with Filtering
- Optional Multi-Location Software with Dial-up - Modem and TCP/IP Capability
- Optional integrated photo ID Badging and CCTV integration
- Optional plug-in LAN modules. SK-LAN-MOD or SK-WLS-MOD (wireless).

If you are already purchasing a starter kit and need more than two doors (or if you are adding to an existing system) this kit allows you to enjoy the low kit pricing without duplicating the software, cards and the PC Cable.
- Two ET8-RO-W-M mullion readers
- SK-ACP 2-door panel
- SK–24VDC power supply