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The Model LRA Linear Residential Actuator is designed to open and close a light-duty residential swing gate.

LRA - Linear Residential Actuator Gate Opener

LRA  Linear Residential Actuator

Gate up to 600 pounds!
and 16' in length!
LRA Gate Opener for only $1100.99
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The Model LRA Linear Residential Actuator gate opener is designed to open and close a light-duty residential swing gate. The operator can be used in left‑hand or right‑hand swing gate installations on gates weighing up to 600 pounds.

The operator is connected by a cable to an APeX electronic controller, which provides all connections for input and entrapment detection devices. The Controller is housed in a separate enclosure and contains a built-in radio receiver for wireless activation by remote control transmitters.

Brackets attached to the gate and gate hinge post are for mounting the operator and to provide a mechanism to move the gate. When the operator activates, the worm drive in the linear actuator changes the distance between the two brackets that the operator is mounted on. When the operator pulls the two brackets closer together, the gate opens. When the operator pushes the two brackets farther apart, the gate closes.

This Linear residential swing gate opener is the highlight of its class, with the versatility of the ApeX board.

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• For residential applications
• Electro-mechanical system with 24VDC motor
• Sleek aluminum design, silver in color
• 16" - 18" usable stroke length
• Maximum gate length 16'
• Maximum gate weight 600 lb.
• 2 year warranty
• Magnetic reed limit switches built into arm for reliable mechanical setting and positive repeatability
• NEMA 4 Fiberglass APeX controller enclosure
(15.50 x 13.50 x 6.25)
• Includes TWO back-up batteries
• Full featured APeX controller including:
- Integral entrapment sensing system with digital set point for quick accurate adjustment and enhanced safety
- Integrated programmable warning beeper during gate movement
- LED diagnostic display for ease of setup and troubleshooting
- Selectable pre-start alarm with provision for ADA compliant visual pre-start and run alarm
- Regulated 24 Volt DC power available for access control accessories
- Integrated maximum run and auto close timer (0-9 minutes)
- Built-in networked dual gate capability using 3-wire shielded cable
- UL325/UL991 compliant APeX controller
- Fully integrated radio receiver

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