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The Model LRA Linear Residential Actuator is designed to open and close a light-duty residential swing gate.

ApeX - Linear ApeX Controller

ApeX Contoller

Faster and Easier Installations!
Less Wiring and Feature Rich!

Apex Controller Board now only $495.00


The new APeX gate operator controller has been designed to operate with Linear's OSCO brand of slide, swing gate operators and barrier gate operators. It features on-board, low-voltage surge protection for lightning protection on all inputs. It also has plug-in loop detector capability (open, shadow/reset, reversing), as well as pluggable, European-style field wiring connectors. There are LED diagnostic lights and a built-in MegaCode radio that can program up to 40 handheld transmitters and two MGT gate edge transmitters, as well as an integrated three-button station (momentary contact: Open, Close, Stop). To simplify dual gate installation and operation, the APeX is networkable, and allows accessory devices to be wired to either machine in a dual gate application. The APeX controller also features automatically resetting fuses, and there are no dipswitches or potentiometers to set. It has a dual seven segment LED display for programming and diagnostics. The APeX controller will also bring soft-start / soft-stop capability to OSCO's line of commercial DC battery backup gate operators. The APeX controller meets all UL 325 requirements and is CUL listed.

  • Integrated Megacode Radio

  • Accepts up to 40 Transmitters

Apex Board


  • Apex Board
  1. Enhanced LED
  2. Diagnostic Display
  3. Integrated 3-Button Station
  4. Program Interface
  5. No Potentiometers
  6. No Fuses to Change
  7. No Dip Switches to Set
  8. Absolute Over-current Setting
  9. Real-Time Status Indication
  10. All Gate Type Firmware Pre-Loaded

Apex Controller


  1. Completely plugable design
  2. Easy-to-understand graphics
  3. Plug-in loop detectors
  4. No fuses, no potentiometers, no DS
  5. Enhanced LED diagnostic lights
  6. Single board design for 1PH AC
  7. Hybrid machine capability
  8. Built-in surge protection
  9. Capability for 2 assignable MGT's
  10. Accepts up to 40 Transmitters
  11. Individual transmitter delete function
  12. Absolute current sense adjustment w/real time monitoring
  13. Networked units - instead of master slave = added flexibility
  14. Dual gate stagger programmability standard
  15. Built-in charge regulator circuitry for DC and solar (No more DC charge board)
  16. Software control of alarm for added versatility and diagnostics
  17. PWM DC motor board
  18. Compatible w/current 3 phase and DC motor boards

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ApeX Control Board