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Jerith Shipping Information


Please note that any free shipping offers do not include the residential drop off fee.

Do I need to pay the Residential Drop off fee?

You only have to pay the residential drop off fee if you are getting your aluminum fence dropped off at a “residential address” or your house.

To avoid the residential drop off fee you can get your product shipped to a commercial address.

What is a commercial address?

It’s a commercial address
with EITHER a forklift or a dock

What can I expect when I get my product delivered to my house?

You must be there to accept the order and to carry the boxes off of the truck. 

The truck drivers are usually very helpful and, in many cases, they will assist you with unloading your order.  However, they are not required to do so. 

Residential deliveries would require hand unloading and the customer is responsible for that.

Delivery is to your driveway or closest place the driver can get his truck.

What do I do after I get all the fence out of the truck?

Inspect everything for damages, while the truck driver is still there

Call 1.330.342.3744 immediately if you see any damages and talk to your sales rep

If you see any damage, the delivery carrier will want to inspect packages, goods and all shipping containers before a claim can be made. After inspection a claim must be filed by you.

ALL damages must be reported on the bill of lading (the paper that the truck driver has you sign) BEFORE THE TRUCK LEAVES YOUR HOUSE!

How much is the residential drop off fee?

Jerith charges a $150.00 residential drop off fee if delivered to a residential address.