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Jerith's Exclusive HS-35™
Aluminum Alloy has the Strength of Steel Without the Rust.

You no longer have to choose between the maintenance-free ease of aluminum and the strength of steel for your fence. The best of both worlds is available only from Jerith. Through extensive research and testing, Jerith has developed an aluminum alloy called HS-35. This remarkable material has the strength of steel without the rust!

Our HS-35 Alloy has a minimum yield strength of 35,000 pounds per square inch (psi), which is significantly higher than the 25,000-33,000 psi strength found in most steel fences. Even more impressive is Jerith's advantage over other aluminum fences, which have yield strengths of only 16,000 psi.

Every post and rail in Jerith aluminum fences is extruded from our exclusive HS-35 Alloy. While some aluminum fence manufacturers claim to use similar alloys, they seldom use it in both their posts and rails like we do. In addition, Jerith is the only manufacturer that uses a high strength alloy in its pickets. Our pickets are over 50% stronger than any other aluminum fence. We don't cut corners on the strength of our products!

An independent testing laboratory has proven that a typical Jerith Residential Fence can support over 350 pounds per section without any structural failure and our Industrial fence can hold over 1,000 pounds! With strength like this, Jerith fences will certainly satisfy your fencing needs for years to come.

Always look for our logo on the sections, post caps, and gates to ensure that you are receiving Jerith quality and our exclusive HS-35 Alloy. Other fences may look like Jerith, but none are as strong, durable or well-built as ours.