Vehicle Loop Detector

Loop Diagnostics
Loop Isolation Transformer
Loop Conditioner
Aluminum RF Shield Housing
Surge Portection
Loop Frequences Counter
10 Gold Plated Sensitivity Controls
8 Gold Plated Function Controls
6 Gold Plated & Sealed Controls for Frequency, Reset & Frequency Counter

Two High Intensity LED Indicators

Technical Specifications
  Power: The detector is available in the following voltages, 12V AC/DC, 24V AC, 24V DC, 110 AC.
  Low Power: Detector is availabe with maximum current draw of 60mA
  Temperature: -40 F to +180 F
  Environmental Protection Circuit Board is conformally Coated
  Enclosure: Extruded anodized aluminum,
Height= 3.25 inches 83 mm - Width= 2.56 inches 40 mm- Depth = 3.65 inches 90 mm
  Output Relays 5A/125 V AC standard version, 1A/125 V AC low current version
  Connector: 86 CP11 compatible with 11 pin Octal DIN rail mountable socket or wire harness
  Surge Protection: The detector is protected with neon discharge lamps, zenner diods and surg arrestors
  Loop Input: Transformer isolated
  Grounded Loop: The Loop insolation transformer allows operation with poor quality loops
  Loop Inductance Range 20 to 2000 microhenries with Q factor of 5 or higher
  Tuning: Detector automatically tunes to the loop after power application or reset
  Tracking: Detector automatically tracks and compensates for environmental changes
  Power Indicator: Green LED solid light indicates power
  Loop Failure Indicator: Green LED blinks indicates loop problem
  Loop Failure Memory: Green LED blinks with fast consective blinks indicates past loop problem that healed
  Detect Indicator: Red LED Solid light indicates detection
  Extend Indicator: Red LED Blinks after a car left the loop indicates time extend feature
  Sensitivity: Is set by 10 position rotary switch
  Frequency: Is set three positon toggle switch
  Infinite Presence Mode: DIP switch selectable presence
  Limited 4 Minutes: DIP switch selectable presence
  Presence Time: DIP switch selectable
  Secod Presence Relay: DIP switch selectable
  Pulse on Exit / Entry: DIP switch selectable
  Fail Safe / Secure: DIP switch selectable
  Filter: DIP switch selectable 2 Seconds
  Extended Detection: DIP switch selectable 3, 6, and 9 seconds