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Technical Specs - GTO/PRO 2000 Swing Gate Opener


  • Low friction screw drive (linear actuator).
  • Temperature rating of motor -30" F (-34"C) to + 1 60" F (7 1 "C).
  • Powered by a 12 V DC motor; generates 600 inch pounds torque at 12 V.
  • 110-degree opening time is 20 seconds.
  • Up to 24" (61 cm) stroke.
  • Operator length with arm fully retracted is 39" (9c) cm), mounting point to mounting point.
  • Limit switches are internal and can be set for open and closed positions.



  • System is powered by a 12 V DC / 7.0 amp hour, sealed, rechargeable acid battery.
  • Battery charge maintained by 120 V AC / 60 herts input and 14 VAC at 40 VA. (2.9 amperes) output; transformer rectified to 14 V DC through the GTO Control Board.

** NOTE: Transformer should not be connected directly to any battery.

  • Battery charge maintained by GTO Solar Panel Charger: float voltage 14.5 V DC output from
    8 1/4" x 19 1/2" silicon alloy panels; generates minimum of5 watts at 300 mA each. Gated diode on the control broad prevents battery discharge.



  • GTO microprocessor-based SMART control board can be programmed for pull-to-open or push-to-open, single gate or dual fate installations, as well as adjustable auto close, obstruction sensitivity and dual gate sequencing. Temperature compensated circuits. Auto-memorization of digital transmitter code. Charging regulated circuit on control board. "Sleep draw" is 10 mA; "active draw" is 2 to 5 amps.
  • GTO remote-mounting RF receiver is tuned at 31R MHz.



  • The GTO/PRO 2000 will handle gates weighing up to 1000 Ibs. (453 kg) and up to 20 ii. (6 I m) in length if all proper installation procedures have been followed. Note that ball bearing hinges should be used on all gates weighing over 250 lbs. (113.4 kg).
  • The GT'OIPKO 2000 is capable of continuous duty cycling; however, the total cycles per day will depend on the motor current and efficiency of the gate installation. For questions relating to specific applications and for information regarding cycling duty when charged by solar panels, call the GTO service department at 1-800-543-GATE (4283).
GTO/PRO 2000 (FM/2000) For Single Gate Installations

GTO/PRO 2000 Standard Components

  • Operator for Single Gate includes 6 ft. (1.8 m) power cable
  • Control Box w/ Control Board
  • Closed Position Stop Plate Receiver w/ cable
  • Continuous Operation A.C. Transformer
  • Heavy DutY Mounting Hrackets and Installation Hardware
  • Installation Manual Remote Transmittcr(l)
  • 12 volt Battery

The GTO/PRO 2000 Series is designed for residential and light commercial use on single fates 5 ft. to 20 ft. (1.5 m to 6. 1 m) in length weighing up to 1000 Ibs. (453 kg). Like all GTO/PRO gate operators, the GTO/PRO 2000 can be installed on gates that open in (pull-to-open), or that open out (push-to-open).

GTO/PRO 2200 (FM2200)

For Dual Gate Installations lirr combination uith the GTO/PRO _7/1001

GTO/PRO 2200 Standard Components:
  • Operator for Second cate includes 50 ft. (15 in) power cable
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Brackets and Installation hardware
  • Closed Position Stop plate Installation Manual

The GTO/PRO 2200 is a "slave'' opener, installed with the GTO/PRO 2000 in dual gate applications, The microprocessor control board can be programmed for dual gate operation (pull-to-open or push-to-open), and for sequencing the opening and closing of the two gates.

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