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Gate Operator Questionnaire

This easy to use form will assist us in helping you find the appropriate Automatic Gate Opener for you daily use. If you do not feel comfortable with this form of call us at (800) 878-7829.
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Type of Automatic Gate Operator

Type of use

Number of Gates

Gate Opening Size

Weight of Gate (Not required)

Estimated Number of Cycles per day

Sequence of Operation
       Radio control Code Capacity
       Control entry 
                   Key Pad        Code Capacity
                   Card reader     Card Capacity
                   Voice Intercom
                   Telephone entry
                   Video intercom
                   Goose Neck Stand for above              
       Timer to close
       Free exit
                    Loop detector System  
                     Push button   

Safety devices (Check as many as you feel are applicable)
       Photo Eye
       Gate Edge
       Roller Guards
       Gate Screening
       Warning Lights

Other Options
       Siren Operator Sensor (SOS)
       Key Switch
       Probe Detector
       Gate Locks (only for high security requirements)
Voltage (the higher the better is the rule of thumb)

Name *
Address Two
City  State Zip
email address *

* Required Information    

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automatic gate openers

automatic gate openers

automatic gate openers