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Multiple Door Entry System

Multi-Door Controller Model AM/II (DISCONTINUED)
Entry Systems
Intercom Systems

The Linear AM/II has been discontinued and replaced by the superior Linear AM3.

This is an extremely versatile access controller for creation of new stand-alone access control systems or for field expansion of existing systems. It offers a wide range of entry options, including a built-in radio for keyless entry and panic functions. Systems can be easily tailored by size. Each AM/II controls up to four ports, but can be networked to link as many as 32. For storage of over 65,000 input devices, names, and logged events, modular memory can be upgraded in the field.

Keyless entry and panic alarm capabilities using radio transmitters are make possible by the controller's high-gain, superheterodyne UHF receiver. Importantly, the AM/H also supports a full range of entry technologies beyond radio. Up to six accessories can be used with each controller, including: a rugged, die-cast, weatherproof keypad; an interface for Wiegand readers; a proximity reader for ultra-short range radio reception; and a remote receiver for extending radio range.

Four dry contact output relays are provided to activate door strikes, barrier gates, automatic sliding gates, and automatic doors. These outputs can also be used for alarm contact shunting, operator obstacle triggering, and alarm activation of the access devices. Two door sense inputs allow detection of propped-open doors. In addition, there are provisions for an "OPEN" request from an external source, such as a KNOX box, postal keys, or pushbutton.

Single and multi-channel transmitters are available in handheld, keychain, and pendant styles. AU are MegaCode format, factory precoded with one of over 1,000,000 different codes, virtually eliminating the possibility of duplication. There are no dip switches to set. The system "learns' the specific transmitter code or block of codes, a procedure that prevents an unauthorized person from gaining access by reprogramming a transmitter. The AM/II supports 15 levels of access validation, which can be segregated by time (time of day, day of week), door restrictions, or expiration dates. AU programming is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory, with data retention in excess of 10 years, even in a power failure.

Bi-directional RS232 allows the AM/II to be linked to a modem, printer, CRT, or personal computer for system reporting and other functions. The event log feature keeps track of how many employees are on premises, which are present, and when they clock in or out. The AM/II can be programmed locally or remotely by PC and programming software, using any standard Hayes compatible (9600 baud or higher) modem.

A Wiegand interface is included for connection to other systems. It supports industry standard 26, 30, and 3 1 -bit data formats.


General Specifications

Multiple Door Entry System


  1. ac: 14 to 24 V @ 500 mA; 16 V wall mount transformer included
  2. dc: 12 to 35 v @ 500 mA

Operating Temperature

  1. Electronics: -22 to +149 F (-30 to + 65 C)
  2. Display: 0 to +104F (-180 to +400C)


All data memory is non-volatile EEPROM with data retention in excess of 10 years; modular design to facilitate easy transfer to another AM/II controller; memory modules available in four capacities
a. MM64: 64K capacity, medium memory
b. MM128: 128K capacity, large memory
c. MM256: 256K capacity, extra-large memory

Which memory is right for you?


Built-in 24-hour clock/calendar with battery back-up and daylight savings adjustment


All wiring connections to the unit are with plug-on, screw terminal blocks


Relay: four form 'C" relays, rated at 3 amps with programmable output duration; all four can be configured for open/close; A and B can be supervised for status; C and D can be configured for control; all relay contacts have RFI, ARC, and lightning suppression.

Wiegand: Wiegand compatible signals for adding RF capability to other access control systems; 26,30, and 31-bit formats are supported.

RS232: one port for connection to a local computer printer, CRT, or modem; all communications are at 9600 baud

LCD Display: integral two-line by 24-character backlit display for local programming and transaction monitoring

LED Indicators: front panel indicators for all input and output activity for on-site troubleshooting.


RF: 318 MHz superheterodyne receiver with -90 dBm sensitivity; built-in 20 dB adjustable attenuator for fine tuning radio performance

Keypad/Reader: two sets of inputs for connecting six different keypads, card reader interfaces, or receivers

Open Request: contact closure to ground activates channel A or B relays

Door Sense/Inhibit: monitors status of a protected door or can be programmed to restrict access to relay 1

Programming: integral 17-key silicone rubber keypad for local programming

Access Buttons: one button for each of the four relays; used to manually control relays

Standard Equipment

AM/II: four portal system controller; contains built-in receiver, RS232 port, and Wiegand outputs; accepts transmitters, keypads, and card readers as inputs; requires memory module and antenna


AM-Printer Serial Printer: allows printing of real time event log and system reports (includes A2P printer cable)
LinModem Modem: used for remote programming

  • Cable:
    • A2P: connects AM/II to serial printer
    • A2C Computer Cable: connects AM/II to serial port of a computer; 9 pin and 25 pin models
  • Antenna:
    • EXA-2000: remote, directional-type; includes mounting hardware and ten feet of cable
  • Enclosures:
    • CAB-1: metal enclosure with key lock; for use in climate-controfled environments
    • CAB-3: lockable, weather resistant, NEMA 3R; for use in outdoor applications
Multiple Door Entry System
Compatible Linear Transmitters
Block Code Ability
Product #
Single Button Handheld Transmitter

Double Button Handheld Transmitter

Single Button Miniature Transmitter

Double Button Miniature Transmitter

$9.50 Minimum Shipping


Product #
Remote Proximity Receiver:
to allow short read range. (3-5 inches) Mounts in a single gang box

Remote Radio Receiver:
to allow read ranges from 3- 500 feet housed in a weather proof metal enclosure

Wired Keypad:
to allow access via a 1-6 digit entry code. Housed in a weatherproof metal enclosure.

Proximity Reader

Proximity Card (minimum 25)
2.79 ea.

Proximity Tag (minimum 25)
4.95 ea.

Card Reader Interface:
integrates 26 or 31 bit Wiegand devices Up to two device per AM-CRI

$9.50 Minimum Shipping

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