1. External Roller Assembly
External roller assembly shall consist of a minimum 7.0" diameter, 3.50" wide MC (monomer cast) Nylon compression molded wheel which shall rotate upon bearings that shall rotate upon a 1.00" hardened steel main shaft and enclosed by a non-removable integral polyurethane cover for safety.

A graphite-impregnated MC Nylon wheel shall be employed to reduce the effective drag co-efficient, and to prevent wearing off the galvanizing of a galvanized steel pipe-frame gate. The Nylon compression molded wheel with which the gate shall be in contact shall have a 18,000 PSI load rating prior to deformation so as to prevent flatted surfaces on the wheel to which cast plastic wheels are prone.

Bearings shall be rubber-sealed and permanently lubricated, and shall have a dynamic load rating of 15,000 pounds per bearing. The 1.00" hardened steel main shaft shall have means of adjusting the Nylon roller laterally for proper gate alignment. The external roller assembly shall have a 3,100 pound capacity.

2. Mounting Hardware
Mounting hardware shall be an integral part of the Cantilever Gate Roller System. The external roller assembly shall be affixed to a hot dipped galvanized chassis for corrosion resistance. The mounting hardware supplied shall be appropriate for mounting the Cantilever Gate Roller System to 4" round O.D. or 4” square posts of schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe weighing a minimum of 9.1 pounds per foot by means of two 5/8” diameter galvanized, U-bolts with nylon insert lock nuts, which shall be supplied as part of the assembly.

3. Gate Structure
Gate frame shall be fabricated in such a way as to hang plumb and travel straight and true.

4. Quality Assurance
Contractor shall verify that the gate structure with which the Cantilever Gate Roller System is to operate shall have been designed so as to meet "Minimum Performance Criteria" of ASTM specifications. Gate opening size shall not exceed 30 feet, with an overall length not to exceed 45 feet, and a gate structure that shall require no more than 120 pounds of draw force to actuate the gate.

5. Warranty
System components shall have a Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

round nylon cantilever roller assembly
square nylon cantilever roller assembly