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Safety Equipment

CP3-100 Vehicle Sensor Kit Exit Wand-3 wire (Driveway Exit Sensor+Sensor Controller)


Compare to Apollo 217 Vehicle Sensor Kit Exit Wand

CP3-100 3 Wire
Detector, Probe--Free Exit (detects vehicle movement)

#1 Exit Driveway Sensor
Buried to prevent notice by intruders, vandals

Small relay-type housing easy to integrate with security control boards, gate and door operators

Front-mounted controls, indicators
Flexible voltage: 12V DC, 24V DC, 120V DC, 240V DC
Low current consumption

#2 Vehicle Sensor Controller

This Product Has Been Discontinued & Replaced By CP4-100


Apollo 224V-RC Photobeam with Hood

1 Piece Reflective Photobeam with hood
(33' range) 32mA draw